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Snow Tubing Williams Arizona - Canyon Coaster

Snow Tubing & Winter Activities in Williams

If you are looking for the best place in Arizona to enjoy unique and fun winter activities like snow tubing and thrilling coaster rides, then make plans now to visit the Canyon Coaster Adventure Park in Williams, AZ! Offering year-round fun, this adventure park is perfect for the whole family no matter what time of year you visit. With a Bar and Grill on site, everyone can take a break from the winter fun and enjoy a juicy burger, pizza, or their famous chili cheese fries, just to name a few good eats!

Winter Thrill Rides the Whole Family Will Love!

Canyon Coaster Adventure Park

This thrilling mountain coaster is a must-do for anyone visiting the area. In this blog post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Canyon Coaster as well as snow tubing, from what makes it so much fun to the coaster’s safety features. By the end, you’ll see why this popular attraction is a hit with visitors of all ages.

The Canyon Coaster at Canyon Coaster Adventure Park is a gravity-powered coaster that first opened to the public in April 2022. It starts by pulling you to the top of a mountain, while riders enjoy beautiful views of the ponderosa pines which are unique to Northern Arizona.  Then riders zip along at speeds of up to 40 km/h (25 miles per hour) while enjoying the twists and turns of the track. The track is 5,280 feet long (1 mile), making it one of the longest mountain coasters in North America.

Canyon Coaster Adventure Park Williams Arizona - Riders
Open in Winter – The Canyon Coaster at Canyon Coaster Adventure Park!

Riders can control their speed using a handbrake, which means everyone in the family can go at their own pace. And if you’re worried about getting dizzy, don’t be – the cars are designed so that riders always face forward.

Safety is a top priority on the Canyon Coaster. All cars are equipped with seat belts, and hand brakes so riders can go the speed at which they are comfortable. The track is also regularly inspected to ensure it meets all safety regulations.

MORE INFO: Click here to learn more about The Canyon Coaster.

Snow Tubing in Williams, AZ

Variety is the spice of life, and the same goes for winter fun in Arizona!  After the whole family has had a blast on the Canyon Coaster, your crew will probably be looking for another fun and different winter activity. If so, look no further than the Snow Tubing at the Canyon Coaster Adventure Park! It’s great excitement! Visitors to the park can be sure their winter tubing runs will be packed with fun and excitement because Canyon Coaster Adventure Parks employs 4 snow-making machines and 2 conveyors to make sure there are no breaks in the action-packed tubing fun. Plus, you don’t need any special skills or equipment rentals to experience this fun family-friendly activity. 

MORE INFO: Click here to learn more about Snow Tubing at Canyon Coaster.

Grab a bite at the Canyon Coaster Bar and Grill

When visitors need a break from their winter day, they can sit back in one of the comfortable chairs in the Bar and Grill. Be sure to check out the grab-and-go grill for all your family’s favorites! From burgers, pizza, and sandwiches to salads, there’s something to please every palate.  Enjoy a refreshing or cozy beverage, and relax on one of the comfy chairs as you watch 19 TVs – three of which are dedicated live feeds of the canyon coaster and two of which are dedicated live feeds of the snow tubing hill! Take a break from all your adventures and let the friendly staff treat your taste buds – after all, great food makes great memories. Now that’s what we call delicious!  Restrooms are available for convenience. 

MORE INFO: Click here to learn more about The Canyon Coaster Bar and Grill.

Make it a Winter Getaway and find a Place to Stay!

Why limit your winter activities in Williams to just one day? Find a place to stay and visit Route 66 for even more winter adventures. From cozy cabins to luxury hotels, there is something for everyone in Williams. Plan ahead and find places to stay in Williams here to lock in your best dates. Drive an EV? The NEW Hampton Inn in Williams offers EV Charging. Learn more here.

Hampton Inn Williams Arizona - Hotels in Wiliams
The NEW Hampton Inn in Williams offers EV Charging

FAQs Canyon Coaster

How long has Canyon Coaster in Williams AZ been open?

The Canyon Coaster Adventure Park is a gravity-powered mountain coaster that has been operating since 2022.  This is the first and only mountain coaster in the state of Arizona.

What is a mountain coaster?

Mountain coasters are essentially gravity-powered roller-coasters that use the natural contours of a mountain to provide riders with a thrilling downhill ride experience.

How fast does the Canyon Coaster in Williams go?

The Canyon Coaster can reach a maximum speed of 25 mp/h (40 km/h).

What safety features does Canyon Coaster in Williams have?

As a safety feature, mountain coasters are fitted with an automatic braking system that prevents the carts from going over the maximum speed. In addition, this mountain coaster is fitted with a manual brake that lets riders control the speed of their descent.

How fast and long is Canyon Coaster in Williams, AZ?

Reaching a speed of up to 25 mp/h (40km/h), the Canyon Coaster is 1 mile long (1,609m) and offers riders an exhilarating ride with multiple twists and turns..  The total downhill ride time is just over 2 minutes long, depending on your speed.

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