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Poozeum Williams Arizona - The Stinker


Located in: Williams, Arizona




Located in the heart of Williams, Arizona, the Poozeum is a unique and FREE museum and gift shop dedicated to the fascinating world of coprolites, or fossilized poop. As an extraordinary attraction, visitors can marvel at thousands of real fossilized feces, including “Barnum,” the largest ever discovered. The museum also features a 4-foot-wide titanosaur poop replica and captivating carnival banners that explore the wonders of coprolites. One highlight is “The Stinker,” a whimsical bronze sculpture of a T. rex on a toilet. The experience extends to a dinosaur-themed gift shop offering an array of unique merchandise, from T-shirts and toys to fossils and decor, ensuring everyone can take home a cherished memento of their Poozeum adventure.

*Featured Image “The Stinker” courtesy