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Cowgirls and Fairies - Shopping Williams Arizona

Cowgirls and Fairies

Located in: Williams, Arizona



Cowgirls and Fairies

Violet and the Sun are not just an ethereal pop band, they are also an entire boutique experience. Cowgirls and Fairies is a whimsical, experiential boutique that offers a creative combination of luxury and rugged feminine apparel, hats, shoes, belts, purses, and jewelry. The highly-curated store, located at Route 66 and 4th St. in downtown Williams, AZ, reflects the inspiration behind the musical project, and it gives an opportunity to experience the ethereal pop sounds of Violet and the Sun in a fully-immersive way. In addition to fashionable finds, Cowgirls and Fairies also boasts soaps, herbs, essential oils and other items that are sure to delight and capture the imagination of tourists and locals alike.