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Hikes in Williams Arizona Guide to Best Trails

7 Hikes in Williams Arizona: Guide to the Best Trails

Get ready to lace up your trail shoes and grab your walking stick because we’ve put together a list of seven hikes in Williams, Arizona, and nearby areas, that will fill your lungs with fresh air and get your blood pumping. We’ve done our best to give readers an idea of the difficulty level of each hike, but it’s important to come prepared with enough water, food, and equipment to make it through each route safely.

With its stunning mountain views and lush forests, Williams offers some of the best hikes in the state. There are plenty of parks and trails in the area for hikers of any level with views that will take your breath away. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hiker, you’ll find a hike in Williams that suits your skill level. Here are seven of the best hikes in Williams to help plan your next outdoor adventure.

Hikes in Williams Arizona

Bill Williams Mountain Trail

Located in Kaibab National Forest, the views, solitude, and wildlife on this difficult in-and-out hike in Willaims, Arizona, make it worth the challenge throughout the year. Don’t forget your snowshoes in the winter, as conditions tend to get snowy and icy, and carry a can of strong insect repellent during the spring and summer to keep the mosquitos and gnats away. While some websites state the length of this hike is 7.5 miles, many AllTrails members have clocked it over 8 miles. Expect plenty of steps and elevation throughout, but a beautiful view and lookout tower await you at the top. 

Bill Williams Mountain Trailhead
Bill Williams Mountain Trailhead

Johnson Canyon Railway Tunnel Trail

The trailhead for this family-friendly four-mile trail in Williams, Arizona, begins at an old railroad station, then feast your eyes on beautiful canyon views until you approach an abandoned trail tunnel dating back to the first half of the 20th century. Hikers on AllTrails recommend putting on plenty of sunblock before starting your hike, as there is little shade until you reach the tunnel. If you and your family want to do a little more exploring, there’s an old military watchtower along the way. If you’re looking for a quick and scenic hike in Williams, Arizona, then this one is perfect. 

Clover Springs Loop Trail

Hikes in Williams Arizona - Clover Springs Loop Trail
Clover Springs Loop Trail

If you’re a tree lover but tired of looking at palms, there are plenty of firs, oaks, junipers, and Ponderosa pines along this gentle two-mile hike in Williams, Arizona. In fact, according to, this area of the state used to supply 425 Christmas trees and used to be a lucrative fundraiser for the Girl Scouts. Nowadays, this scenic area is occasionally closed in the summer to prevent human-caused wildfires, so be sure to check local websites to ensure you and your family can enjoy this beautiful hike.

Great Western Trail

This lengthy historic trail consisting of backroads and pathways is nearly 4,500 miles and spans over five states from Canada to Mexico. The Arizona portion crosses some beautiful areas of the state and includes some abandoned mines and cabins to explore. If you decide to traverse the over 800 miles that run through the Grand Canyon State, there is a section of the hike in Williams, Arizona. You’ll enjoy a mildly challenging walk through scenic grasslands and forests in the Kaibab National Forest. 

Sycamore Rim Trail

If you’re interested in checking out the local wildlife, elk and other animals have been known to troll this hike in Williams, Arizona. This over 12-mile moderately difficult hike also has some beautiful waterfalls and Insta-worthy scenery, so don’t forget to bring your camera along to snap some pictures. Hikers on AllTrails have said the last several miles can be hard to navigate, so don’t forget to bring a map to avoid getting lost. And while the route is open year-round, it’s best to avoid going in the winter or after a rainstorm as the path can get muddy or flooded.

Sycamore Rim Trail Williams Arizona
Sycamore Rim Trail

Buckskinner Park

This beautiful wooded area in the heart of the city is perfect for a picnic, cycling, or some fishing, and there’s a great little family-friendly loop trail around the lake of this park. It also has plenty of amenities, including a well-maintained bathroom. Explore the plant and wildlife in this pet-friendly hike, but make sure you have plenty of bug repellent on hand as there are plenty of mosquitos and gnats along the trail. This beautiful hike in Williams, Arizona, is great for all skill levels.

Davenport Hill Trail

If you’re a birdwatcher, you’ll want to bring your binoculars on this moderately difficult five-mile hike in Williams, Arizona. There’s a variety of winged friends along the trail with some beautiful views of Dogtown Lake once you reach the top of the 823-foot high hill. Some hikers on AllTrails have reported seeing bear tracks on the path, so be on the lookout for wildlife. Other hikers have stated there’s a lack of signage, but the trail isn’t tough to navigate. 

Camping in Williams with Nearby Hiking

Camping in Williams Arizona Near Lakes

Williams, Arizona, renowned as the “Gateway to the Grand Canyon,” offers an array of camping experiences for outdoor enthusiasts. The city boasts several campgrounds and RV parks, including the popular Kaibab Lake Campground, situated in the heart of Kaibab National Forest. This campground provides access to fishing, boating, and hiking trails. For a more secluded experience, dispersed camping options are available within the national forest. Williams also offers RV Parks with modern amenities, such as Wi-Fi and cable TV, for those seeking comfort while enjoying the great outdoors. Read our guide to RV parks in Williams for more information. With its diverse range of camping options and easy access to the Grand Canyon, Williams is a haven for camping aficionados.

How to Find More Hiking Trails in Williams, Arizona

Stop by the Williams Visitor Center

If you’re looking for more parks and hikes to explore in Williams, Arizona, be sure to stop by the Williams Visitor Center downtown for a guide. There’s also great information on shopping, attractions, and places to stay while you hit the trail.

Online Hiking Resources

For more information on some of the hiking trails mentioned in this article, please visit the following websites:

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Clover Springs Loop Trail

Great Western Trail

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