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Bearizona is a drive through Wildlife Park nestled amongst the pristine Ponderosa Pine forests of Northern Arizona.  Bearizona offers visitors to Northern Arizona a new and exciting way to enjoy wildlife the way it was meant to be, in a natural environment. Bearizona Wildlife Park is the only park of its kind in the southwest.  Bearizona is located at the gateway to the Grand Canyon in historic Williams, Arizona, just one hour from Grand Canyon’s south rim, three hours southeast of Las Vegas, and two and a half hours northwest of Phoenix.  Bearizona is located off of Interstate 40, at exit 165 and is a convenient stop for visitors wanting to experience the Grand Canyon and the beauty of Northern Arizona.

Drive through Wildlife Park

Bearizona invites guests to drive into the Arizona Wilderness and witness herd and pack life from the comfort and safety of their own private vehicle or motor coach. The drive through portion of the park is approximately three-miles long and allows visitors to see larger North American mammals up-close. Enjoy the wide variety of animals ranging from rugged rocky mountain goats, and majestic bison to stealthy Alaskan tundra and Arctic wolves and comical black bears. Guests can also enjoy the parks complimentary Wild Ride Bus Tour, which offers a window-free way to view the animals. Bearizona staff drive and guide during this tour educating passengers on Bearizona facts as well as fun and interesting information about the animals that call Bearizona home. The guides even do a few feedings along the way so the animals get nice and close. Please call ahead or check the website for current Wild Ride Bus times.

Fort Bearizona

The park also consists of Fort Bearizona, a walk through area where visitors will stroll along winding paths to enjoy the antics of more animals on exhibit. In this area, guests will also find concessions with umbrella seating and beautiful views as well as an immaculate gift shop filled with affordably priced souvenirs and trinkets to purchase as a remembrance from your Bearizona adventure. The gift shop also houses the largest model train display in Arizona, a historically accurate depiction of the Santa Fe railroad from Williams to the Grand Canyon. The Fort is also the location of amazing animal shows including the popular High Country Raptors’ free-flight show, where visitors get to learn about birds of prey and see them fly directly overhead! Additional animal shows are held throughout the day including the kid-friendly otter feeding where guests get to take part and help feed Bearizona’s beloved North American River Otters. Show times are updated on Bearizona’s website.

Bearizona is home to orphaned and confiscated wildlife.


Bearizona is home to orphaned and confiscated wildlife, in fact over half of the animals that call Bearizona home are rescued or rehabilitated animals.  Once they arrive, they spend the remainder of their lives in large naturalistic enclosures; digging, climbing, swimming and playing with one another.   Because of Bearizona’s size, they will be able to accommodate more animals in the future as they grow.

There is always something new!

Bearizona unveiled the jaw dropping 11,000 square foot Jaguar exhibit in 2016. The exhibit is located behind the gift shop in the Fort Bearizona walk through area of the park. The exhibit is themed like Native American cliff dwellings and has the beautiful artistic flair that Bearizona has become known for. The exhibit also has a unique feature, a 25 foot waterfall, and has already been called the best in the nation!

Canyonlands Restaurant is now open! This themed restaurant features soaring canyon walls and ancient ruins that allow diners to immerse themselves in the true spirit of the Southwest. This restaurant spans over 8,000 square feet and will abundantly handle guests eating needs; from quick snacks on-the-go to sit down meals. What makes this restaurant unique is that it shares a wall with the Jaguar exhibit, so you can literally be eating your meal while watching these elusive and endangered animals.

Plan Your Visit to Bearizona


Your Adventure Awaits!

A great destination for tourists and Arizona locals alike, Bearizona offers an annual pass program with discounts in the gift shop, snack bar and exclusive invites to Bearizona Wildlife Park events.

Bearizona’s mission is to promote conservation through memorable and educational encounters with North American wildlife in a natural environment.  Bearizona is a vehicle for connecting visi­tors to wildlife and the land in which they inhabit, while using best practices for economic, environmental and social sus­tainability.

Located at Highway 64 and Interstate 40 in beautiful Williams, Arizona. For more information, call (928) 635-2289 or visit

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