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Arizona Rodeos - Team Roping

Arizona Rodeos: The Thrill of Jack Fuller Roping in Williams

Arizona is famous for its vibrant cowboy culture and the spirit of the Wild West. One of the state’s most exciting and cherished traditions is the rodeo, where cowboys and cowgirls showcase their skills in various events. Among the many thrilling Arizona rodeos, the Jack Fuller Roping Event in Williams stands out as a must-attend gathering for rodeo enthusiasts. Held annually on Memorial Day weekend, this event draws competitors and spectators from near and far.

The Full American West Experience

Jack Fuller Team Roping Event

Attending the Jack Fuller Team Roping Event in Williams, Arizona, is not just about witnessing impressive roping skills; it’s also an opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich culture and heritage of the American West. The event celebrates the spirit of the cowboy and pays homage to the skills that were once essential for survival in this rugged frontier. In addition, it’s a chance to experience the values of hard work, determination, and camaraderie that define the cowboy way of life.


The Jack Fuller Team Roping Event is a two-day rodeo extravaganza that takes place in the charming town of Williams, Arizona, at 750 N. Airport Rd. Located amidst the picturesque landscape of the Coconino National Forest, this small-town official rodeo captures the essence of the American West.


The rodeo takes place on Memorial Day Weekend on May 25th and 26th, 2024, offering a thrilling weekend of roping action.


In this cowboy tournament, participants can compete in team roping with no age cap! Roping events require riders to rope and control cattle skillfully, showcasing their precision, agility, and horsemanship.

Skill Levels

The Jack Fuller Roping Event offers a variety of roping categories and skill levels, including a kids’ dummy roping, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Who’s Invited

Everyone is Welcome! Spectators are in for a treat as well. The Jack Fuller Team Roping Event offers thrilling action and entertainment for rodeo enthusiasts of all ages. The grandstands provide an excellent vantage point to witness the skill and bravery of the participants as they demonstrate their roping abilities.

Other Activities

In addition to the roping events, the rodeo also features a variety of family-friendly activities and attractions. Food vendors offer a range of delicious treats, from classic rodeo fare like burgers and hot dogs to mouthwatering barbecue and sweet treats. Kids can enjoy pony rides and face painting, adding more fun to the experience. Local artisans and vendors often set up booths, offering unique cowboy-themed merchandise and souvenirs for visitors to take home. Please get in touch with Fuller Productions for more information on what activities will be available for the kids.


As a PRCA-sanctioned rodeo, the Jack Fuller Team Roping Event guarantees top-notch competition and adheres to the highest professionalism and safety standards. The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) is the largest rodeo organization in the world, ensuring that the event meets the highest industry standards and attracts talented riders from across the country.

Upcoming Rodeos in Williams

In addition to the Memorial Day Weekend Rodeo, save the date for these upcoming rodeos in Williams:

June 14 – 16 – Cowpunchers Reunion Rodeo

July 5 – 7:  World Series of Team Roping Qualifier

August 31 – September 2: World Series of Team Roping Qualifier

For more information on Fuller Productions, please visit them on Facebook here or call 928-692-8465.


For those who want to immerse themselves in the rodeo experience fully, camping facilities are available right at the rodeo grounds in Williams. This allows attendees to stay close to the action and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow rodeo enthusiasts throughout the event. Wake up to the sound of horses neighing as you prepare for another exciting day of roping and rodeo fun.

Guide to Camping in Williams

Camping in Williams Arizona Near Lakes

Smart visitors find that camping in Williams is the best hub-and-spoke setup because of the easy proximity that Williams has to the Grand Canyon and so many other great things to do for the whole family. Read our Guide to Camping in Williams for the best recommendations.

Explore Williams, Arizona

The town of Williams itself adds to the allure of the Jack Fuller Roping Event. Known as the “Gateway to the Grand Canyon,” Williams is a charming community that embraces its Western roots. The town’s Main Street is lined with authentic Western storefronts, inviting visitors to step back in time and experience the nostalgia of the Old West. From cowboy boots and hats to Western-themed decor, the local shops offer a range of Western-inspired merchandise for visitors to explore.

Visit Williams Sitemap - Route 66 Neon

While in Williams, rodeo enthusiasts can also take advantage of the town’s proximity to the stunning natural wonders of Arizona. Just about an hour’s drive away is the iconic Grand Canyon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the World’s Seven Natural Wonders. The Jack Fuller Roping Event provides an excellent opportunity to combine the thrill of the rodeo with a visit to this breathtaking landmark.

For those seeking outdoor adventures, the surrounding Coconino National Forest offers many recreational opportunities. Hiking trails wind through the majestic pine forests, offering panoramic views of the rugged landscape. Visitors can also embark on scenic drives, go camping, or engage in activities such as fishing and birdwatching.

Other Arizona Rodeos

While the Jack Fuller Team Roping Event is a highlight in the rodeo calendar, Arizona is also home to several other prestigious rodeos. For example, the Tucson Rodeo, an official PRCA rodeo known as the Fiesta de Los Vaqueros, is among the nation’s top rodeos.

For those seeking a taste of history, Prescott Frontier Days offers a glimpse into the past with its claim to fame as the “World’s Oldest Rodeo.” Dating back to 1888, this iconic event takes place every July and showcases a variety of rodeo events, including bareback riding, steer wrestling, and bull riding. And as the world’s oldest rodeo, Prescott Frontier Days is a beloved tradition that pays homage to the region’s rich cowboy history.

Another noteworthy rodeo in Arizona is the Payson Pro Rodeo, held at the Payson Event Center in August, located amidst the stunning Mogollon Rim. Known as the “World’s Oldest Continuous Rodeo”, spectators will enjoy watching a full PCRA rodeo with bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, team roping, and much more.

Arizona rodeos, combined with traditional events, skilled athletes, and breathtaking surroundings, offer a unique and thrilling experience for spectators and participants alike. From the adrenaline-fueled action of saddle bronc riding and bull riding to the precision and speed of tie-down roping and barrel racing, these events showcase the rodeo cowboy’s remarkable athleticism and unwavering spirit.

Shout-Out to the Local Ranches

Amidst the excitement of these official rodeos, it’s important to remember that rodeo culture runs deep in Arizona. Local ranches play a vital role in preserving and promoting the Western way of life. These ranches serve as training grounds for aspiring rodeo athletes, allowing them to hone their skills and prepare for the competitive arena.

Plan Your Trip

Planning a trip to the Jack Fuller Roping Event in Williams, Arizona, or any other rodeo in Arizona? We’re here to help! If you need help with places to stay or recommendations for local attractions, our experienced team is ready to make your rodeo experience unforgettable. The Williams Visitor Center is a fantastic place to begin your visit. So click here to contact us and start planning your exciting Western adventure today!

See You There!

So, mark your calendars for Memorial Day Weekend. Whether you’re a seasoned rodeo fan or a first-time attendee, this event promises an exciting and memorable experience that will leave you with a deeper appreciation for Arizona’s rich cowboy culture and its enduring legacy.

For more information on Fuller Productions, please visit them on Facebook here or call 928-692-8465.

So grab your hat, put on your boots, and get ready for an unforgettable experience in the land of rodeos. Yeehaw!

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